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How can I make my team even more competent?

Epicurador offers professional training in oenology and sommellerie, adapted to all levels of knowledge. Our training courses are designed to give your team the tools they need to better sell, advise and enjoy wine.



Our training courses are designed to deepen the knowledge of your team, whether they are new to or already experienced in the field of wine. By providing them with the necessary tools and information, they will be able to recognize different varieties of wine, identify complex aromas, and learn the best wine service techniques. These new or improved skills can help increase their self-confidence, performance, and job satisfaction, which translates into greater value for your institution.


A team trained in the subtleties of oenology and sommellerie is a team that can effectively advise your customers and increase their satisfaction. They will be able to guide your customers in choosing the wines that correspond to their preferences or the dishes they have chosen, and provide them with interesting information about the wines they are tasting. This will make their experience at your establishment more enjoyable and memorable, which helps to elevate the reputation of your service.



By training your team to deliver a superior wine tasting experience, you will attract and retain discerning customers. Customers appreciate establishments that emphasize quality service and can provide them with a rewarding tasting experience. They are more likely to come back and recommend your establishment to their friends and family if they have such an experience. Additionally, training your team can also help expand your customer base, as they will be able to recommend a wider variety of wines, thereby attracting wine lovers with different tastes.

Take the first step, we do the rest!

Would you like to advance your team and bring significant added value to your establishment? Claire's expertise in training can help you achieve this. Each training is tailored to meet the specific needs of your team. Contact us to find out how Claire's training can help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for what you sent !



Claire, with her triple hat of cook, sommelier and oenologist, and her mastery of three languages, is more than just a trainer. She is a passionate educator, dedicated to sharing her love and knowledge of wine with the world. With an educational approach focused on accessibility, Claire makes sommelier and oenology understandable and captivating for everyone, regardless of their initial level of knowledge. She offers online and in-person training, tailored to the specific needs of each client. Whether you are looking to improve the skills of your team, upgrade your establishment, or simply learn more about wine, Claire will meet your needs. Her passion for wine and her ability to make information accessible make her an exceptional trainer.

A three-step service to meet your needs



Our relationship begins with an initial contact during which we discuss your expectations, the needs of your team and the type of training you are considering. This is an essential phase to understand your objectives and customize our offer accordingly.



Depending on the information collected during the contact, we offer you a tailor-made quote that takes into account the number of participants, the level of knowledge of your team, the duration of the training, as well as the location.



Once you have accepted our proposal, we organize the training according to your availability. Claire, our expert, travels to share her knowledge, present the selected wines and guide the tasting. This enriching experience will provide your team with new skills and a better understanding of wine.

We start by making contact to identify your needs. Then, we offer tailor-made training to meet these needs. Finally, we deliver the training, in person or online. Ready to upskill your team? Contact us!

  • What is Epicurador's Home Tasting Service?
    Epicurador offers a unique home wine tasting service. Claire will come to your home with a selection of fine wines to give you an unforgettable wine experience.
  • How does the home tasting service work?
    Once you have booked a tasting, Claire will come to your home with a selection of wines. She will then guide you through a structured tasting, teach you how to appreciate the subtleties of each wine and answer all your questions.
  • How many people can I invite to the tasting?
    When booking, you can choose the number of participants in the tasting. Our formulas are suitable for groups of 1 to 6 participants, as well as for groups of 7 to 12 participants. If your group exceeds 12 people, please contact us directly to discuss possible options.
  • Do I have to provide anything for the tasting?
    No, we take care of everything. We bring the wines, the glasses and all the necessary equipment for the tasting.
  • How long does a tasting last?
    Typically, a tasting lasts about 2 hours, but this can vary depending on the number of wines tasted and the questions of the participants.
  • What types of wines are tasted during the tastings?
    Each tasting is unique and personalized according to your preferences. We have a wide range of wines from different grape varieties and regions. When making your reservation, you can let us know your preferences or let us surprise you!
  • What is the geographical area covered by your service?
    We offer our services mainly in Alsace and the Territoire de Belfort. However, we are ready to travel further if necessary. Please note that additional shipping charges may apply for travel outside of these areas. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the details.
  • Can I offer a home tasting as a gift?
    Absolutely, we offer the possibility of buying a gift card for the value of the tasting you wish to offer. The beneficiary can use it on our site at his convenience. We will then contact him to define the theme of his tasting according to his preferences.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We understand that the unexpected can happen. If you need to move your tasting, we are flexible as long as you let us know at least 72 hours before the event. In case of force majeure, we will do our best to adapt the date of the tasting to your needs. For more details, please see our full cancellation policy in the terms and conditions on our website.
  • Can I buy the wines tasted during the session?
    Yes, you can buy the wines you tasted during the session. Claire will give you all the necessary information.
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